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  • Excavations for foundation preparation

  • Septic tank, (design of layout and septic)

  • Prep property for new barns

  • Excavation & backfilling

  • Sell sand & stone compaction

  • Compaction Services

  • Sand 

  • Topsoil 

  • Clean Fill

  • Rough FillStone

43 Years of quality workmanship


Lloyd McMillan Equipment Ltd. is a locally owned small business operating in Iroquois for the last 43 years. It began in 1976 when a developer in Morrisburg announced plans for a major residential development. 

Lloyd McMillan and his wife Betty sold their herd, used the money for a down payment  on Gibb Strader’s business and got to work. When they started, the business had one employee, a dozer, backhoe and dump truck. Hours of hard work and long days have led to the growth and success of the company over the many years. The fleet of equipment has grown by 10 times and transitioned from excavations to a wide range of labour projects including supply of sand, manure pits and foundations for new barns or renovations. 

The fleet of dump trucks, backhoes and excavators are available to rent with one of the company’s operators for any job, big or small. Some of these jobs might include septic system design installation and sewer services, exactions to prepare foundations for new or additional builds, along with backfilling and compacting, or the supply of gravel, sand and topsoil. 

To make it all possible, Lloyd has the help of his two sons, Troy and Tom. Troy is buying into the business to eventually take over operations while Tom owns ET Performance - a heavy equipment maintenance service; his company helps keep the equipment in peak condition. 


Lloyd McMillan Equipment Ltd. has been a staple in the South Dundas area and has built a reputation for quality while working for the municipalities in the surrounding areas and working with the farming community. 


5733 Carman Rd, Iroquois, ON K0E 1K0

Tel: 613.652.4649

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